composite bonding

Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding in Preston

Composite bonding involves the addition of tooth coloured composite resin material to alter the shape or alignment of your teeth. The Composite material is simply bonded to the tooth surfaces without the need for altering the underlying tooth.

Sometimes composite resin can be used to veneer the full surface of the tooth. This is often referred to as a Composite Veneer.

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What can be achieved using composite bonding?

Composite bonding can allow our dentists to correct minor problems with the shape or alignment of your teeth. Often Composite Bonding can be performed without the need for any anaesthetic injections as there is often little to no drilling involved.

Are there any disadvantages to composite bonding?

The main disadvantage is that occasionally composite can de-bond from the tooth; however, one of the great things about Composite Bonding is that your teeth are generally left in their original state meaning that even if de-bonding does occur your teeth will still be healthy and protected under their natural enamel coat.

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